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CH3 Data and Midas Green Technologies Announce High Density, High Performance Computing Partnership

Austin, Texas - November 15, 2017 - CH3 Data and Midas Green Technologies today announced a strategic partnership to deliver high density compute workloads at record efficiencies. With the partnership, Midas’ immersion cooling technology will power CH3’s data center expansion.

CH3’s data center expansion will enable its customers to power the latest High Performance Computing (HPC) and cryptocurrency applications at unparalleled efficiencies. Utilizing Midas’ XCITM technology, customers will be able to deploy over 100kW in 50 rack units of space all while maintaining a Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) under 1.08, compared to the industry average of 1.7.

“Everyone from the oil and gas industry, to the military, to commercial data centers are learning the value of immersion cooling.  It’s here to stay and growing world-wide!”, says Jim Koen, CEO of Midas Green Technologies.

Midas XCITM utilizes a dielectric fluid immersion system that is over 1000 times more efficient than conventional air-cooling methods. With the elimination of air conditioning, Midas XCITM can reduce data center operational expenses by up to 90%. Immersion cooling also eliminates the most common causes of maintenance issues, such as fan failure and dust accumulation. Finally, this technology also enables high density installations that provide significant reduction in the physical footprint previously required for similar capacities.

“We are excited for our newest data center expansion. As we see the demand for HPC and cryptocurrency applications continue to grow, CH3 Data will be positioned to take advantage of Midas’ immersion cooling technology for the benefit of our customers by saving them money, increasing the life of their equipment and giving them a safe, secure, constant environment for their servers.”  says Chris Laguna, Director of Operations for CH3 Data.

CH3 Data delivers the highest value data center services while providing clients with solutions to meet their unique needs. In addition to traditional colocation services, CH3 Data offers dedicated, HPC and cryptocurrency hosting solutions in their immersion-cooled data center.

Midas Green Technologies provides Midas XCI™, the most innovative and efficient data center cooling system. Founded in March 2011, Midas is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to slash the data center carbon footprint and provide customers with compelling savings and benefits based on the superior design and efficiency of the Midas XCI immersion cooling solution.

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