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Midas Green Technologies provides Midas XCI™, the most innovative and efficient data center cooling system. Founded in March 2011, we are headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to slash the data center carbon footprint and provide our customers with compelling savings and benefits based on the superior design and efficiency of Midas XCI™.


Our mission is to slash the energy use of data centers while providing our customers with compelling benefits based on the superior design, efficiency, density, and performance of the Midas XCI™ immersion cooling system.


We hire smart, principled and motivated people who enjoy success and helping others excel. We view customers as our partners during our journey and treat their challenges as our own. We welcome inputs and suggestions on ways to help improve our operations and one another.

Our Management Team

Jim Koen, CEO joined Midas Green Tech bringing a rich technical, sales and executive background. Jim’s leadership includes 22 years in the military and subsequent sales/marketing roles with AT&T. Jim is a proven entrepreneur having founded, developed and sold several internet related companies. Jim’s executive background spans 30 years with several CEO positions. Jim attended The University of Texas at Austin.

Chris Boyd, Co-Founder and CTO is a recognized technologist and is a frequently requested consultant for data center, hosting and telecommunications companies. Chris has 25+ years leading innovative technology solutions including patents for packet telephony routing, while working with MCI. Chris is also treasurer of the Electric Frontier Foundation - Austin, working to ensure the internet remains a “level playing” field for the end user. Chris is also one of the principle founders of Midas Green Tech - and responsible for Midas Green Tech being the first commercial data center deploying immersion cooling. He is a graduate of University of Texas at Dallas.

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