Midas XCI Immersion cooling technology allows you to maximize the server density, power efficiency and minimize physical footprint. Industry Leading Efficiency - CH3 Data utilizes Midas XCI™ in their Texas hosting facility, during the summer of 2014,they maintained an average PUE of 1.09

90% Energy Savings

Midas XCI™ utilizes dielectric fluid immersion that is over 1000 times more efficient than conventional air-cooling methods. With the elimination of air conditioning, Midas XCI™ reduces your cooling infrastructure’s operational expenses by up to 90%.

  • Industry Leading PUE
  • Unparalleled Cooling Efficiency
  • Up to 200kW per 50U

Mission Critical Reliability

Midas XCI™ comes standard with fully redundant management and cooling systems on each tank. Our cooling modules are hot-swappable to minimize downtime, affording you the highest reliability, availability and ease of maintenance.

  • 2N Redundancy
  • Hot-Swappable Cooling Modules
  • DCIM Integration
  • No Dust Environment

Reduced Build-Out Costs

Infrastructure and associated costs are significantly less than traditional data centers. Midas XCI™ reduces capital costs and simplifies infrastructure by eliminating and/or reducing the size of many data center components.

  • No CRACs, Air Handlers or Economizers
  • No Raised Flooring
  • Reduction in Power Infrastructure Size
  • Smaller Data Centers


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